1988 Kawai K1 Synthesizer



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Vintage 1988 Kawai K1 Synthesizer

This legendary Kawai K1 from 1989 has become sought after for it’s unique lo-fi gritty quality – it’s quite unlike any other synth and you can create some really inspiring patches with it very easily.

This unit has just had a brand new internal memory battery AND holder installed (see photos). The old battery which was soldered in by the factory has been done away with and a modern replacement has been fitted on the rear of the circuit board meaning it can be changed in seconds, not that you will need to be changing it anytime soon (currently reading 3.3v). It is vital old internal memory batteries are changed in vintage synthesizers as they can corrode and cause damage to the board. You will not have to worry about that with this one.

The original factory presets have been reloaded by Sysex. All of the original banks can be found online so you can easily change these using Sysex messages too.

In the last year it has seen a fresh new (old!) keybed which works perfectly. The volume fader potentiometer has been replaced with a brand new one and the screen has also been replaced after the old one partially failed.

Aftertouch, joystick, mod wheels and all other functions have been tested. Midi works with no issues whatsoever.

The board has been looked over for leaking capacitors and other issues a few times since I got it and there are no visible signs of any problems.

It comes with a 9v PSU.

The condition is good for its age with wear, marks and scratches you would expect for a 30+ year old synthesizer.

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