1984 Suzuki Omnichord System Two



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Vintage 1984 Suzuki Omnichord System Two/OM-84

This legendary instrument from 1984 has become extremely sought after in recent years.

Held in high regard and used by artists such as David Bowie, Brian Eno, Gorillaz, U2, Bjork, Devo, Eurthymics, Florence and The Machine, The The and countless others.

The real beauty of this instrument is that anyone can play it. All you need to do is choose your rhythm, play a chord by pressing one (or more) of the buttons and use the strumming boardto produce those wonderful tones the Omnichord is so known and loved for.

The System Two is one of the more advanced models, offering up to 84 chord variations.

This Omnicord is in excellent condition and has been checked over inside and out.

The battery compartment is clean and all functions work as they should.

Comes with original manual and PSU.

It is in excellent condition for its age with very little in the way of cosmetic wear. There is some discolouring to the rear, typical for plastic made goods from this era.

Grab yourself a piece of musical history – these are now becoming very hard to find.

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