1980’s Tascam PortaOne MiniStudio



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Vintage 1980’s Tascam Porta One 4 Track Cassette Portastudio

Fantastic vintage analogue 4 track recorder in excellent working order after being recently refurbished.

Jobs recently undertaken:

Replacement of failed capacitors

Cassette mechanism cleaned and re-lubricated

All potentiometers cleaned with De-Oxit

Play, record heads and general tape path cleaned with isopropyl alcohol

Play and record heads de-magnetized

All tracks and functions have been tested and working correctly.

Battery compartment is completely clean with no sign of corrosion.

All lights working.

Things to note

One screw on the underside is missing (although it will be included) as the internal plastic piece it screws into has broken off – a common issue with small plastic parts.

The included power adaptor has been modified to change polarity to work with this recorder, there are taped sections on the lead. It works perfectly although a replacement is cheap and readily available if you wish to buy one.

This unit is old and has normal signs of wear for its age.

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